What is the SockTABs College Ambassador Program? 

The SockTABs College Ambassador Program is a campus­-based opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience working with the amazing startup SockTABs, as seen on ABC’s hit entrepreneurial show Shark Tank, and help spread the word about SockTABs on your campus to as many people as possible. 

What’s in it for me? 

We know college life is busy, and we value your time, so of course working with SockTABs comes with some pretty great perks. Besides gaining hands-­on business and entrepreneurship experience that will look great on your resume, you can earn some cash along the way!* The more SockTABs that are sold, the more you can pocket, it’s that simple and easy. 
You will see first-­hand the process of growing a brand, selling products, and the fulfillment of being a leader among your peers. Other perks include: 

  • Receive branded swag like premium SockTABs T-shirts
  • Priceless leadership and entrepreneurship experience that will help you in your future education and employment
  • Constant support to ensure success on your campus
  • Social Media shout-outs
  • Unlock additional perks as you continue successfully promoting SockTABs at your university
  • Win a special SockTABs pack in your school colors* 

What do SockTABs Ambassadors do?

As a college ambassador, you will work closely with the SockTABs marketing team to promote the brand through personal connections, planning events, and selling on campus whenever possible. 

  • Connect with entrepreneurship and business departments at your university
  • Table events selling directly to students
  • Promote SockTABs and Shark Tank appearances over social media outlets
  • Utilize peers, clubs/organizations, and other campus relationships to spread the word


If you have any additional questions we may not have covered, please reach out to info@socktabs.com

We look forward to hearing from you! 
And don’t forget, "Every tab has a mate, let's keep it that way!" 

*Subject to program terms and conditions yet to be finalized