Every Sock Has a Mate, Let's Keep it That Way!

What are sockTABs?

sockTABs is a wearable solution to the missing sock, and ultimately a simple, discreet and effective product to combat the infamous sock monster.

Who needs sockTABs?

Anyone with feet who wears socks and is tired of matching and searching for socks and eventually purchasing new socks to replace the countless socks with no mates.

How are sockTABs used?

It's simple really…
Tab It, Wear 'Em, and Wash 'Em.
Click here to see a demonstration.



tabsin tabs out.png

Wings in or Wings out!

You can wear them two ways. The wings can either be worn inside of the sock/against your leg (Sock A) OR the wings facing outwards (Sock B.) Try them both ways and tell us how you like to wear your sockTABs!